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Esoteric Order of Beelzebub

"...And Lucifer answered, Thou who knew not independence of Will shall now be the first to realize these qualities apart from my own Self. And thy response forebodes much, for, had thou rejected concept of challenge, I should have held my own thought for impossible delusion. But as thou, tasting of knowledge, demand more, I shall name thee Beelzebub, Lord of Flies, for thou shalt goad the infant mind to restlessness and invention."

- Beelzebub

The Diabolicon

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Independence, Inspiration, Innovation

Esoteric Order of Beelzebub is an Order of the Temple of Set. Born in 2003 during the Dog Days of Summer, the Order arose to explore the concepts of esoteric knowledge, of higher influences, personal responsibility and rational self interest as they apply to the evolution of the soul. We believe every individual soul has at some point made a conscious decision to be present, and in the moment of remembering that decision there is an opening and possibility of receiving a higher form of nourishment - Supersubstantial food fueling the development of a Supersubstantial state of being.

Membership in EOB is available only to II*+ members of the Temple of Set. To learn more about the Temple of Set visit the link below.

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Action and Attention

Initiates of EOB Working Collaboratively and Consciously to Produce Creations That Inspire and Illuminate

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The Work Takes Place In Life

Cosmonauts venturing out boldly into the Megalacosmos

An authentic Left-Hand Path Tarot Deck designed by a Setian mind and consecrated with the Black Flame.


Daimonosophy: A Podcast fighting for Liberty and the Left-Hand Path

LHP and Setian philosophy and interviews with a variety of antinomian writers, artists, musicians and various other creatives. You won't hear these sorts of conversations anywhere else! Follow at YouTube, Soundcloud, or iTunes.

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Beelzebub Books

Used books on esoterics and economics from Sakaki's personal library. Rare and signed titles.

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From Sagaciy with Love - Sakaki's Blog

Sagaciy was the ancient Daimonic city on Mars in the Erbeth Transmissions. In this blog Sakaki - the Grandmaster of the EOB - discussed key ideas like the Supersubstantial Fire, the S.:E::T formula, and Animistic Materialism.

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Vanguard of the Black Flame

Vanguards are triads of the EOB focused on infusing the cosmos with the essence of the Black Flame. Connect with the Beta Vanguard for a wealth of wisdom, reflections, and tools for thinking outside of the box.

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